Google’s New Sign In, Log In Page

Google now has a new sign in and login page.

You just have to go to a google account’s page, and than take a look at the bottom.

You might be given a choice to try the new sign in/ login page.


Here’s a screenshot of it if you do not have access to it:

Human Trafficking 101: Smuggle Your Friends from Facebook to Google Plus One






Warning: this may be illegal.

Here’s how you can smuggle your friends from Facebook to Google Plus One

  1. Open up Google Chrome Web Browser.
  2. Login to your Google Account.
  3. Download Facebook Exporter Chrome from here .
  4. Go to Chrome -> Options. and uncheck HTTPS/SSL (Use SSL 3.0 )
  5. Login to your Facebook Account -> Go to Accounts and change your language setting to English (US) if your default language is not English (US)
  6. You should see a “Export Friends” feature.
  7. Click on “Export Friends” and you are set.

You are now a human trafficker.

Google kills (most) social analytics tools




Wow. Google is definitely getting more social; Google¬†Analytics¬†now gets a ‘Social’ engagement feature.

The ‘Social’ feature allows webmasters to track tweets, likes and of course Google’s +1.

If Google decides to go all out, it might just kill other social analytics/tracking companies out there.

Seems that the real battle for ‘Social’ starts right now.

Read the complete write up right here :