A quick guide to AWS Lambda and Serverless

I had the privilege of playing around some really cool technologies lately, and I came across Serverless and of course AWS Lambda. Many things have changed since both services were announced, so I thought I'll give it a go. For a start, if you are looking for a quick and easy way to get started with AWS Lambda and AWS API Gateway, look no further than Serverless. Even though I'm not exactly a server guy, the CLI made it easy for me to get started.

The tutorial I followed is here.

One caveat though: if you are first starting out, with no functions or endpoints deployed whatsoever, you will need to perform the following steps (order is important):

  1. First, run this command serverless dash deploy
    1. Deploy the greeter as a function.
  2. Once step 1 is completed, run `serverless dash deploy` again
    1. This time, deploy greeter as an endpoint

Once you have performed the above steps, you will get a URL generated, and things will work as expected.