Django + Tornado = Ultimate Combination (Part 1)

Recently, i was checking out Tornado, a great framework made by FriendFeed. Tornado is kindda cool, especially its non-blocking features. However, in bid for greater efficiency ( in terms of development time) I decided to try out using bits of Django in Tornado.

There are some tutorials teaching you how to use Django with Tornado. You can learn more about using Django with Tornado using this search query.

Anyways, the key to faster development is to make use of the best of both worlds. Here's the killer features of each framework ( based on what I am going to use and opinion ):


  • syncdb --> helps build database tables
  • Django's ORM --> helps us write less SQL code


  • non blocking features --> enables us to write real-time features

In the next post, i'll do a write up on how to make Django work with Tornado.