Facebook as an Ad Platform? First thoughts...

I happen to chance on the latest news that Facebook is now aggressively promoting their advertising and application platform through Facebook Studio launch. Its said that Facebook Studio had a softlaunch in March 2011 and it is now offically launched.

So what is Facebook Studio?

Here's my first thoughts:

Facebook Studio provides successful Facebook Advertising case studies

Right on the homepage you will see case studies of various companies or campaigns using Facebook.

It will also list what features of Facebook these companies/campaigns made use of, which includes Facebook App, Facebook Platform and Facebook Pages.

You can see the whole list of case studies here.

Learn all about Facebook Marketing using their Learning Lab

How many times have you seen writers, marketers, companies etc selling Facebook Marketing guides?

Apparently, now Facebook wants to be the official provider of Facebook Marketing related guides.

Facebook Studio categorizes the resources based on its features, such as Facebook Pages, Facebook Ads, Sponsored Stories, Places/Deals, Facebook Platform and so on.

You can see the entire list of resources for marketers right here.


It seems that Facebook is now going full throttle against Google in their war for advertising money. Facebook has had tremendous growth in the past couple of years and have added quite a bit of features.

Facebook Studio can be seen as an all encompassing site for all Facebook Marketing related content.

Having Facebook Studio will help lower the barriers of entry for marketers; this could help get more advertisers advertising on Facebook.