An easier way to listen to music from YouTube

I've just built a small project, over the past couple of days or so as a form of practise and to scratch my own itch. I usually use YouTube to listen to music; clicking and  searching through the results is quite a hassle to me. Not to mention opening new tabs.

I wanted to have an interface where I can perform search, view the results and play the video within the same page.

And so, i did just that. You can visit right here.

So here's a summary about


  • instant search
  • view results on the same page
  • listen/watch videos on the same page
  • uses a grid based layout.
  • personalized recommendations if you login with Facebook.


The technologies I've used are:

  • Tornado 1.2.1
  • Ubuntu 10.04 server Eidtion
  • JQuery 1.5,
  • Youtube API,
  • Facebook Graph Api

Visit now and give it a try!