PureCss.io vs BootStrap 3.0

A long awaited post! I was implementing a cool web application over the past few days and decided that it's time to spruce up my knowledge of frontend frameworks. It appears that a lot has changed over the past few months, so i thought I should write down some of the things I've learnt.

Mobile First or Desktop First?

This is an important point as this will affect your choice of frameworks. If you are pursuing a desktop first strategy ( and dont really expect your users to use your site via mobile devices ) you should probably just stick to BootStrap due to it's ease of use and well supported ecosystems.

However, if you expect your users to use your app via mobile devices, you should most certainly consider using Purecss.io


This is because Purecss.io's performance on mobile devices is so much better than Bootstrap.

You can try out Bootstrap's example layouts here using your mobile device, followed by accessing Purecss.io's layouts, such as this and this.

Feel the difference ?

Not sure if you've really tried out the different layouts on your mobile device, but the most striking difference you should feel is the slide in menu. Purecss.io's slide in menu  on mobile devices is much smoother, and less jerky than Bootstrap.

Some bonuses

While Purecss.io's support is not as widespread as Bootstrap, but i think it's good enough, considering that you can easily use parts of Bootstrap in Pure.

If you need a skin builder, Pure's skin builder is pretty decent and easy to use.

What's next ?

I'll probably try to hack some stuff using Pure, ReactJS and this cool project, just to see what cool stuff can be done.




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