Smart Assisted Query for ECommerce Search


Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 4.59.32 PM The main idea is to enhance user experience by reducing the number of clicks required for a user to reach her desired product page after a user performs a query.

The problems I am trying to solve are:

  1. Optimize both click through rate and query click through rate after a user performs search
  2. Allow user to quickly reach product page with minimal clicks.

The solution i've implemented is to allow user to perform "drill down" during the query phase. Instead of just showing autocomplete suggestions, I show possible categories/attributes based on the keyword ( or product ) the user is searching for. The user can than select categories/attributes directly while performing search.

Feel free to view the demo (interface is in Mandarin Chinese) here:

This is the desktop version: note that as the query selects a brand name from the autocomplete suggested terms, the query suggestion switches to provide category/attribute selection.


Mobile version. This is a proof of concept done using powerpoint and some prototyping templates.