Social Behavior of Investors


Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 4.44.23 PM "Social Behavior of Investors" is my master's thesis completed just a few months ago.

The problem I am trying to solve here is to matchmake investors with companies ( especially early stage startups ) in order to get the investment funds flowing. I did not focus on public companies as the data are generally public; a great amount of research has been done about them already. But what about the smaller companies where little financial information about them are available ?

The solution is to make model this problem as a classic link prediction problem: given a social network of investors and companies in Time A, predict if (which) new links ( investments ) will form between investors and companies in Time B. I've used dataset from Crunchbase for the purposes of this research.

The result is encouraging: the accuracy rate is up to 90% with AUC ( area under curve ) of up to 87% for both datasets[1] that I have used.

A video demo:

[1] I derived 2 datasets from Crunchbase: using Facebook as a seednode, i collected companies, financial organizations and individuals 4 hops away from Facebook. The second dataset is based off RenRen, and collected companies, financial organizations and individuals 4 hops away from RenRen.