Visualizing Social Data

[UPDATE on 21st March 2011]

I'm now working a similar but more powertool, read more about it here.


This is a public post about a CS project which I have done in the previous semester for the course "Special Topics on Computer Science (B).

The idea behind this project is to visualize data from Twitter, Facebook and Google Buzz in the form of a TreeMap.


The usage is as follows:

  1. User inputs topics of interest
  2. Program scraps for dataacross Facebook, Twitter and Google Buzz
  3. Results from 2. is aggregated according to its attributes
  4. User can select the various attributes he wants to visualize.
  5. After selecting attributes, the TreeMap is created based on the data and attributes selected.

Video Demonstration

Here's a video demo :

Environment and Tools Used

Here's the stuff which I've used: